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What you need to know when doing business to Swiss

Switzerland is a worldwide innovator and home to some of the world’s top multinational corporations. Additionally, Switzerland is one of the most excellent locations to live. Unsurprisingly, you’d want to work or create a business in Switzerland. Before considering Swiss export /import, make sure you know a lot about Switzerland and the Swiss. After that, you’ll need to learn about Swiss corporate culture.


Switzerland is famed not only for its Swiss timepieces and strict rail schedules but also for its overall adherence to time. Punctuality is regarded as a necessary trait in the Swiss corporate climate. Swiss business etiquette says the customer should not be left alone to wait. Additionally, more and more businesses have been working with various Swiss export companies because of Swiss punctuality.

Dress Code

During business meetings, Swiss people emphasize formal attire. Men should dress in a black suit with a tie, while ladies should dress in suits or dresses. Maintain a conservative tone. Avoid bright colours, and don’t go too trendy. Make sure you have a suitable business-style backpack or bag to transport your documents, computer, or other work-related materials.


Because formality is essential in Swiss business culture, calling a colleague, acquaintance, or neighbour by their surname rather than their name is considered a gesture of respect for their privacy. When addressing someone, it is customary to shake hands with a firm hand and make eye contact.


The Swiss place a high priority on professionalism. Of course, seeing a friendly face is essential for the client, but the client will appreciate a team of professionals even more. Moreover, professionalism is always on the scene, even in the Swiss export/import industry.


The Swiss are tough but fair negotiators. Take this time seriously since there is no room for comedy or sarcasm. Share your thoughts, worries, proposals, and so forth. Remember to maintain open body language to convey your interest and willingness to dialogue. Don’t keep facts or knowledge hidden. Expect transparency and frank communication even in the Swiss export/import industry. What’s more, having good negotiating skills can level up business.

In addition, it may be odd in other cultures, but this is how it is in Switzerland.

Business entertainment

Business entertainment will primarily take place at lunch meetings and restaurants. Spouses are usually invited to business meals as well. However, it is unusual to get an invite to a business dinner at someone’s house rather than at a public place.

Business culture is an essential component of Swiss culture and everyday life. Also, distinctive structures, beliefs, and business etiquette have become well-known worldwide. Moreover, if you’re determined to expand or start your first international business here, make sure you choose the right company for Swiss export /import. Blackwater Freight Ltd is a carrier specializing in the Swiss and European movements with more than six decades of experience. They guarantee that Swiss export /import of your goods won’t be a headache.

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