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Useful Freight Forwarding Packaging Tips

It’s simple for new shippers to make mistakes when it comes to shipping to Switzerland. One of the most complex challenges is correctly wrapping shipments. Anyone who has moved residences or sent freight will tell you that appropriate packaging is essential to getting your shipment delivered on schedule and undamaged. Inadequate packaging can cause delays and expensive repairs or replacements for your precious freight.

It is worthwhile to take the time to select the appropriate packaging and employ clever shipping to Switzerland strategies. These straightforward suggestions and tactics will enable you to reduce expenses, shorten the packing process, and provide the greatest possible protection for your package.

  • Pick the appropriate packing.

Select containers that will fit your things without taking up too much room in the package. The parcel’s dimensions, weight, and volume all affect the shipping price. Therefore, avoid paying for air and empty space.

Try a few different box kinds and sizes that work best for the majority of your items. Consider using these as your “standard boxes” for the majority of your orders.

  • Choose brand new, double-walled boxes

Use of boxes for your delivery services is one of the simplest packaging suggestions. To save a little money, you might be tempted to use used boxes for deliveries, but is it really worth it? New double-walled boxes provide twice the protection compared to used boxes. Just in case, these boxes will make sure everything is robust enough to withstand a little harsh treatment.

  1. Bubble wrap for protection

Nothing is more satisfying than getting a delivery and finding tons of bubble wrap inside! Who doesn’t enjoy popping bubble wrap? Adding an additional layer of protection is not only necessary to keep the contents secure, but it’s also a lot of fun for the recipient.

  • Avoid shipping overly expensive items

When shipping really expensive items like jewels, it may be worthwhile to consider doing it yourself, especially if the value exceeds the cap set by your pick-up and delivery service. But if you pick a respectable and trustworthy shipping company, like Blackwater Freight Ltd, we’ll make sure your items reach without mishap and in good condition. Finding a reliable freight forwarding business is essential!

  • Use heavy-duty packaging tape to seal packages

Please don’t waste your time trying to secure a package using conventional cello tape; it simply won’t be strong enough. It would be preferable if you choose strong, specially made packaging tape instead. You can then properly seal your shipment and stop worrying about the freight forwarding firm damaging or causing anything to come loose.

Shipping to Switzerland is easy as long as you choose the right shipping company. With Blackwater Freight Ltd, you’ll have no worries about your parcel.

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