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The Right Way to Ship Perishable Goods

When shipping perishable goods, the goal is for the food to arrive safely, intact, and quickly enough to avoid spoiling.

Perishable goods are among the most widely distributed products in the world delivered to grocery stores and restaurants. Despite being done regularly, shipping perishable goods still poses several challenges.

Examples of perishable goods are dairy products, meat, fruits and vegetables, poultry, fish, and other commodities that require frozen storage. Without the proper precautions, perishable products can soil and rot during a trip. To avoid this, here is the right way to ship perishable goods to keep them fresh throughout the journey.

Choosing the Right Packaging Type

Using the proper packing is the right way to ship perishable goods. This is one of the criteria that will determine if your items will remain fresh for consumption and distribution.

Packaging can differ between different types of food. Frozen goods need a lot of insulation to keep the temperature cold. However, baked goods, fruits, and vegetables are wrapped in plastic or foil to keep them fresh for consumption and preparation.

Consider Adding Ice Packs

Keep your package cool when delivering cold perishables to avoid spoilage. Therefore, include ice packs in your packaging to give the crucial temperature drop required to maintain freshness.

In addition, you can use dry ice, which can last longer and absorb less moisture. You can also utilize reusable gel ice packs, which are very simple to freeze and reusable.

Choosing the Right Containers

Finding a suitable container for your perishables ensures safety. Also, it signifies the right way to ship your perishable goods. Reefer containers can be refrigerated, particularly for shipment that requires strict temperature control. Solid and sturdy boxes help protect food items against pressure, collision, and damage from other loads. Therefore, all containers need labels such as “Food Contents,” “Handle With Care,” and so forth.

Pick the Right Mode of Transportation

Once your box is ready to ship, you must select the appropriate mode of transportation to deliver it to its destination safely. Sending your perishables needs to be quick and safe. Therefore, you need a logistics partner who can assist you. Opting for Blackwater Freight Ltd is your most excellent option for the best delivery experience.

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