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Selecting The Right Mode of Dispatch

Different types of goods require different kinds of transportation.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best mode of dispatch to transport products from point A to point B. 

Transporting goods to a foreign market can be done by road, rail, air, sea, or any combination, depending on the destination. What’s important is to make an appropriate choice and come up with the best and most cost-effective mode of dispatch.

So, what factors can impact the best mode of dispatch you choose?

Cost of Transportation

Budget is the most crucial factor when choosing the best mode of dispatch for exporting goods. The cost of transported goods depends on the type and quantity of products. Therefore, it is crucial to remember that the cost of transportation affects the price of goods. Surface freight (including ocean transport) may be preferable, except when air transportation is better. However, the cost of ocean transportation for small and medium-sized shipments is the same as other surface transportation methods.


The countries of origin and destination may also impact the distance and mode of dispatch. The most appropriate method of transmission greatly influences by related factors like weather, security, and transportation infrastructure.

Service Reliability and Regularity

Varying transport modes have different reliability and regularity parameters. The delivered items’ urgency and speed determine the transportation mode used. However, bad weather, such as intense rainfall, snow, fog, and storms, can disrupt all forms of transportation, including land, sea, and air, and can result in delays.


The safety and security of products in transit is a significant element in determining the best mode of dispatch. Sea transport is the most dangerous in terms of safety because it exposes the goods to the perils of the sea, and the extended period of the voyage adds to the risk factors. Although we highly recommend sea transport, certain types of packing also aid in protecting the items in transportation and do have an impact on expenses. However, with Blackwater Freight Ltd, we deliver assurance and definite quality of service for clients wanting to send freight to Switzerland and European movements.

Product characteristics

The size and weight of the goods are significant factors when choosing the best mode of dispatch.  On the other hand, land and air transportation is usually best for small, fragile items. For heavy shipments, rail and sea transport are preferable options.

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