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Pallet Delivery to Switzerland

Pallets are an excellent shipping solution for many large and small enterprises. Pallet delivery is a highly efficient and cost-effective transportation method. It is typically used for heavy things, large objects, or a collection of goods that must be shipped together.

  • How do you ship a pallet from Switzerland to another country? Freight Shipping

Pallet transport is appropriate for domestic and international shipments and is typically necessary for transporting big, heavy, or bulky items. Or when their weight and dimensions are more than the figures listed as guidelines.

  • How do you ship a pallet from Switzerland to another country? Weight and mass

Different types of pallets are utilized for shipment. The reusable wooden pallet, often known as the Euro pallet (with a trademarked EUR symbol), is arguably the most well-known example.

Pallet shipping mass and weight can differ depending on the transport company. Generally, you can ship items weighing more than 70 kg and no more than 1000 kg through pallets. Consider contacting Blackwater Freight Ltd for more information.

  • How do you ship a pallet from Switzerland to another country? Safe transport
    • Use the tension straps to secure the pallet and the goods. The entire thing should be inseparable. Furthermore, the items shouldn’t dangle too low. It signifies that the items shouldn’t extend past the pallet’s edge.
    • When transporting freight, pallets are frequently stacked; therefore, please ensure they have a solid surface. Non-stackable pallets come with an additional fee.
    • Use stretch film and two tension straps to secure the cargo and the pallet. 
    • Another pallet could be piled on top of yours. Place address labels on the side rather than the top. Pallets that cannot be stacked or are fragile must carry warning labels.
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