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List of seaports in Switzerland

Switzerland is a wealthy nation with a thriving economy. Also, the country has minor corruption. In addition, its export sector is in the seventeenth place globally and is known to be a robust economy. 

Moreover, economic pillars include the service industry, such as banking and tourism. Additionally, businesses shipping to Switzerland are familiar with this list of seaports in Switzerland:

  • Port of Kleinhuningen
    • The location is at the river port of Kleinhuningen. It is run by Basel’s Rheinschifffahrtsdirektion.
    • It is a Basle subsidiary port.
    • With a controlling system via turning basin and docks.
    • Possesses three expanding container terminals
    • The port provides storage and transhipment of liquid fuels and dry bulk items.
  • Port of Muttenz -Au
    • On the left side of the river is a port known as Muttenz-Au. Moreover, the transport and storage of Liquid fuels and propellants are in this location.
    • Additionally, the port is managing bulky cargo.
  • Port of Birsfelden
    • The port specializes in transporting and storing metals for manufacturing facilities.
    • Containers, fuel products, and transshipped dry goods.
  • Port of Zurich
    • The container port at the Port of Zurich sits on the lake’s northern shore.
    • Switzerland’s port gains a significant volume of imports
    • Moreover, the port accommodates a lot of cargo, including giant silos, warehouses, and containers.
    • Furthermore, the port is one of the busiest intersections.
    • Transporting classic vehicles to western Europe
  • Port of St. Johann
    • Switzerland has several deep-water ports, including the Port of St. Johann.
    • The Rheinschifffahrtsdirektion Basel has given its approval.
    • Riverport is the type of port.

Switzerland’s ports are crucial to the nation’s export and import economy. In addition, the government of Switzerland controls the list of seaports in Switzerland through the ports authority. Additionally, the Swiss port offers a reliable transportation infrastructure that guarantees a secure port. Thus, boosting the nation’s economic development. 

Moreover, the nation’s port authority oversees, utilizes, and maintains all waterways, including the ports in Switzerland. Furthermore, this list of seaports in Switzerland has direct shipping ties with other nations.

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