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Differences of Freight Forwarders and Cargo Shipping Company

Most people need to learn the difference between freight forwarders and cargo shipping company, especially if they’re new to international logistics.

Shipping products might be confusing if you’re new to it, with all the different terms and types of business involved. Though they perform various tasks, cargo shipping companies and freight forwarders play essential roles in global logistics.


Freight forwarders transport goods from one country to another on behalf of sellers and buyers. However, freight forwarders must perform the actual transportation (e.g., packing, warehousing, distribution, insurance, etc.).

Moreover, freight forwarders will handle the customs forms for an additional fee. Therefore, taking care of this complex aspect of shipping. Generally, freight forwarders will handle the entire process from start to finish and offer door-to-door delivery services.


A cargo shipping company only transports goods from port to port via sea, not to their final destination.

Since shipping lines use only one form of transportation, it may be easier to track your goods. As shipping items involve trucking, ocean, and air travel, a freight forwarder might offer this service, but it may be challenging.

In addition, shipping lines will check items before and after shipping to determine if there have been any damages.

In addition, there are similarities between the two types of businesses. If you contact a freight forwarder directly, they can use the same shipping lines. Both can sometimes sign off on responsibilities for your goods, and both will move them long distances. On the other hand, freight forwarders prefer by many people.

Although shipping companies and freight forwarders have a great deal in common, they are still very different. To summarize, freight forwarders handle everything before and after the cargo moving, whereas cargo shipping companies handle cargo transportation.

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