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Debunking Common Myths About Freight Forwarders

Outsourcing freight operations to international freight companies focus on businesses’ core capabilities and growth. However, erroneous myths and misconceptions may discourage businesses from using the services of global freight companies.

Service quality is directly proportional to business volume size.
There are misconceptions about international freight companies prioritising large serving clients that disregard clients with lesser quantities.

Moreover, international freight businesses require volumes from both large and small clients to utilise their full capacities and achieve operational profitability. In addition, global freight companies like Blackwater Freight Ltd will treat every customer equally. They offer the same level of service regardless of the size of the freight forwarders.

Freight forwarding services can be expensive.
Consider what you need to do when it comes to customs officials about the specific charges for transportation schedules to your warehouse. Furthermore, sorting all the information will probably take three to four days. Additionally, since you will be a new customer for the carrier, the rates offered won’t possibly be the most reasonable ones.

Working with experienced freight forwarding companies has the advantage of being able to complete all processes in three to four hours. Consequently, consider using Blackwater Freight Ltd. if you need freight forwarders.

For larger volumes, freight forwarding is preferable.
Another common misconception is that freight forwarding is the only service that can meet a company’s more extensive volume needs. Furthermore, people think freight forwarders shipping their freight to Switzerland is expensive due to the high carrier pricing.
Additionally, tendering shipments and accepting deliveries is a regular part of daily business. In addition, every delivery has the potential for an accident, theft, inefficient business operations, etc.

Moreover, Blackwater Freight Ltd specialises in freight forwarders and other Swiss and European markets. Thus, bringing quality and excellence over the years.

We deliver assurance and definite quality of service for clients inquiring about freight forwarders. Additionally, with our decades of experience, we can assist you with all aspects of optimum service.

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